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Repair Service


 We offers a huge variety of musical instruments for sale. To ensure the quality of each product we also invested and researched about caring and repairing techniques for many different types of musical instruments. We provide services as follows:

Piano:  鋼琴調律、整理、維修

1. Piano tuning

2. Unreasonable sound quality 

3. sticky keys, broken hammer shanks, missing damper felts, and objects or pens stuck in the action, and other common piano problems

4. For Yamaha and Kawai piano, replace the string, pin, muffler felt, hammer, action, key and pedal lever.


String Instruments:   弦樂維修

1. Placement of new bridge, sound post or peg

2. Repair cracked instrument

3. Restore neck, belly, back & fingerboard

4. Fit up peg, endpin, nut & saddle


Chinese  Musical Instrument:  中樂維修

1. Repair cracks on various areas of the instruments

2. Cover new skin on Hu-Qins

3. Restore head, top, belly & back

4. Fit up and replace peg, fret, nut & saddle



Interested in our repair services? Please send us email at with a close-up photo of the instrument. Our repair specialist will contact you as soon as possible.