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Tax and Duty: (銷售稅和關稅)

Duty free and sales tax free for all the orders from the United States, and as of all Canadian orders, tax needs to be paid.



Shipping Cost: (運費)

Free shipping to every where in Canada and the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska, for any order over CAD 100.00. For the orders less than CAD 100.00, there will be CAD15.00 shipping fee.    

We ship to a list of countries worldwide. Please email us at for shipping cost quote.



Estimated Shipping Time: (運輸時間)

Items are usually shipped out within 3 business days after order has been made.  

Our shipping methods include CANADA Post, USPC,  FedEx, and UPS. Once we receive the tracking number from our shipping partners, we will send it to you right away. 

We send out from Toronto. It normally takes 2-3 business days for delivery to East Coast, and 4-5 business days to West Coast.

我們會在1-3個工作日內發貨,運輸方式包括CANADA POST, USPS, FedEx,UPS。發貨後,我們系統會電郵您快遞跟踪號碼。所有物品會從多倫多發,貨到北美東海岸地區約需2-3工作日,到西海岸地區約需4-5個工作日。


Claims Against for Damage and Lost: (包裹受損或丟失)

All instruments will be thorough examined and properly packed, before sending out. So far the cases of shipping damage or lost is less that 1%. It's really safe.

In case there is a package damage or lost, please kindly contact the shipping carrier to help us get any compensation. and we will be responsible for arranging the return, replacement, refund, or any type of compensation we agree.



Regarding Tuning before Shipping: (關於運輸前給樂器調音)

Some customers ask us to tune the instrument before shipping. Although we'd love to, but we won't, for some reasons:

  1. After tuning, the strings are tight, and it can damage the instrument during the shipping. For Erhu, Pipa, and Ruan, the strings might break, and the tuning peg might fall off. For Yangqin, Guzheng, the bridges might fall off or move, and scratch or damage the sound board. It's not safe for other instruments as well.
  2. Wooden instruments need to be retuned when put in a new environment, because of the different temperature and humidity, so It absolutely makes no sense to tune them before shipping. Furthermore, we advise the players for Yangqin, Guzheng, which take long time to turn, that they put the instruments in the new place for a couple days, to get them adapt to the new environments and be stable, before tuning.

We know some seller claim that they tune the instruments before shipping. That's very unprofessional.


  1. 調完音後,琴弦會很緊,運輸過程中有可能會對樂器造成損害。二胡,琵琶,阮的運輸過程中,琴弦可能會斷,琴軸會脫落。揚琴,古箏,琴碼可能會倒移動,磨傷損害音板。其他的樂器,也有可能會造成損害。
  2. 木質樂器到新的地方,由於不同的溫度和濕度,都需要重新調音,所以在運輸前調音是毫無意義的。同時由於古箏,揚琴調音時間較長,我們建議客戶把樂器在新的地方擱置幾天,等樂器適應新的環境,木質穩定後再調音。