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Professional hard wood 402 Yangqin --“Rich Penoy” 專業硬木402揚琴---牡丹圖案

Ocean of Music(樂海)

  • $850.00 CAD

Type: the latest type 402 Yangqin.  (最新型402揚琴)

Size: 117(178)*69(78)*51cm, professional standard size. (最新專業標準尺寸) 

Color: Wind Red (酒紅色)

String: #15-25 are fine steel string wraped with alloy; (15-25號優質G鋼芯,合金絲纏弦)

           #26-30 are superior steel strings. (26-30號優質鋼絲光弦)

Frame: Hard wood from Xiaoxingan Mountains.  (小興安嶺硬木琴身)

Soundboard: paulownia wood (蘭考桐木音板)

Bridge: rosewood (花梨木琴碼)

Stand: Pine wood (松木琴架)


Accessories: Professional hard case, Tuning key, a pair of beaters, wiper, manual. (配件包括:琴架,專業琴盒,調音扳手,一對琴竹,擦琴布,說明書)

This Yangqin meets the industry standard for advanced grade Yangqins, and is ideal for Yangqin advanced players to further polish their skills. (符合高級揚琴標準,適合進階型的學生使用)

It is crafted by the Ocean of Music, one of the most experienced and established Yangqin manufacturers in the capital of China. From the original and senior makers of the former Beijing Folk Music Instruments Manufacturer, the Ocean of Music has been the center of Yangqin innovation through collaborating with various musicians and educators to improve Yangqin quality. While winning countless national tone competitions, the ocean of music Yangqin is known as the preferred instrument for competitions and professional performances. (樂海前身為北京民族樂器廠,是國內生產揚琴的頂尖企業,獲得無數獎項)

As a significant milestone for Yangqin making since the 401 model, the sound quality and sensitivity have been greatly improved by redesigning the bridge heights and resonant structure of the 402 model. (402揚琴來自對401揚琴的變革,通過修改琴碼高度和聲音共鳴結構,在音色,敏感度都有很大提高)

All the woods come from north China, where has cold weather and grows the best lumber, solid, stable, with extensive sound, not easy to crack. All the woods have been naturally dried for three years before the process


The body of the Yangqin is made of Selected Premium Hard Woods in the Northeastern regions while the sound board is made of Selected Paulownia in Henan. The bridges are made of Selected Rosewoods, and selected pine Sound posts. This material combination produces bright, clear and elegant tonal colors.


Decorated in wine red coloring with delicate carving with ‘Rich Penoy’. In the Chinese culture, penoy is known as rich flower, and the queen of the flowers. It represents perfection, deep feeling, grace and regality. (酒紅色,貼雕富貴牡丹圖案,寓意國色天香,花中之王,和平,幸福,繁华,富足)

Performer: Di Zhang


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