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Professional Redwood Erhu -- 專業紅木二胡

Ocean of Music(樂海)

  • $40000 CAD

  • Name: Professional Redwood Erhu(專業紅木二胡)
  • Size: Standard Adult Type  (標準成人二胡尺寸)
  • Craftwork: Hexagon with wooden peg (六方木軸)
  • Body Material: Redwood (紅鐵木豆)
  • Skin: Made from python (蟒皮)
  • Color: Aged mahogany wood color, glass paint (老紅木色,亞光)
  • Accessories: Regular Erhu hard case, bridge, bow, stop pad, wiper, rosin, instruction (普及二胡軟盒,琴碼,琴弓,止音墊,擦琴布,松香, 說明書)

    Bright yet delicate, this Redwood Erhu especially highlights tonal complexity. It is built for intermediate students who want to further refine their Erhu skills.

    Made from redwood, this Erhu is beautifully crafted. Accurate sounding with balanced resonance and great volume, this Erhu produces a warm quality in its performance and have received numerous praises from experienced Erhu makers.



    Ocean of Music

    Ocean of Music is one of the largest music instrument manufacturers in China that has the best brand in many kinds of Chinese traditional music instruments. Its products are specialty items that are coveted by professional musicians and collectors alike.(樂海集團是中國北方第一大樂器製造商,位於北京、河北,前身為北京民族樂器廠)

    This beautiful Erhu is custom-designed by Ocean of Music. All the making materials including soundboards, frames, strings and bridges are carefully selected by professionals. All the woods come from north China, where has cold weather and grows the best lumber, solid, stable, with extensive sound, not easy to crack. 



    Performer: May Mei


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